Resting Place

Rochelle set us a flash fiction challenge each Friday: one hundred words to match the selected picture.  Come and have a go, if you think you’re bard enough.


“…but Adam, there are rules and laws about this stuff.” May’s fear and agitation cracked her voice.  Adam shrugged, said nothing and carried on digging.  May tried pleading “Look, you won’t be able to do it.  There’s been too much rain.  The water table is too high.  She needs to be six foot under.”  Adam paused, lent on his shovel and peered off into the distance, over the trees, whilst the tears rolled down his cheeks, silently.  “Karen spent her life working this land.  She fed it and it fed her back.  It’s where she belongs now.”

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The Way Back

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields sets a flash-fiction challenge each Friday.  Create a piece, in one hundred and fifty words, to match the offered picture.  Come and have a go, if you think you’re bard enough!


This is my offering:

Folk used to complain. Friends and colleagues would ask “why are you always making a noise?”.  I can see why it was irritating for them, my tapping fingers, humming, singing, even whistling.  I tried to make light of it: “I have music in my soul”.  I could never tell them the truth: I have to make a noise lest I forget I’m here. “So: why would that matter?” I hear you ask.  But if I’m not here, then where am I?  Sure, anyone can allow their mind to wander, to day-dream, to flit from thought to thought with gay abandon and that seems anodyne enough.  We can stroll through pleasant countryside, along sunny beaches, frolic with friends, party all night long, score the winning goal.  The imagination is a powerful and useful servant.  But it’s a dreadful master.  There are places I can go; dark places, malevolent and sinister, evil and tortured.  What if I couldn’t find my way back?

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We’re told that everyone benefits from a free market economy.  I wonder.  Seems akin to saying “we have to let the wolf have the flock, so we can get the pickings off the bones he leaves behind”.

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Rochelle set us a flash fiction challenge each Friday: one hundred words to match the selected picture.  Come and have a go, if you think you’re bard enough.

I was tried and gaoled like a criminal, when I should have been lauded as a patriot.  Those vermin that sold out their homeland deserved to die, instead of me.  Bosnia was a real country, not a principality of Austria-Hungary or Ottoman.  Now they’re parading Ferdinand’s car with my bullet holes as a novelty piece, a museum attraction, as if none of it mattered, some kind of joke. And they like to blame me for fomenting war. Millions died. How will I ever rest in peace?

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Do I want to start blogging again?

The world is such a mess.  Greed, violence and hatred are the overriding imperatives.  When I write, I find myself getting angry and more depressed.  What’s the point?

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New World Order


We’ve been betrayed. We’ve been sold an idea that is utterly without merit, yet we’re so steeped in the idea, we’ve lost the ability to see beyond it.
Our politics, our economics, our social structures and our religions are not fit for purpose: they do NOT deliver what is written on the tin.
Consider: the richest sixty-two people in the world own as much wealth as the poorest fifty percent. Just stop and think what that means for a moment. You could get the same wealth possession onto one medium-sized bus, as 3.7 billion of the rest of us. Isn’t that obscene?
So why do we accept this ludicrous imbalance? It seems we believe that “the system” is fair and offers equal opportunity for prosperity for all. We think that free market economics is somehow “right”. We’re convinced that any intervention is destructive and means less wealth for all. Yet a cursory analysis will tell you that every stratum in society has a thousand times less places than the one below it. Millions are dying of starvation, lack of clean water and preventable diseases. Millions live in fear, without shelter, without access to education or representation. To believe that “the system” is either “working” or “for the greater good” is just plain DUMB.
The world has been in this mess for too long. Generally speaking, the situation is getting worse, not better. Change is long overdue.
Of course, even with the best of intentions, we immediately hit a huge snag. Those who wield power and wealth have no interest in changing anything that might usurp their positions. Indeed, there is little they will not do to maintain the status quo, including, but not limited to, war, assassination, blockade, propaganda, and spurious legal action.
You could be forgiven for thinking that the forces, railed against anyone seeking to rock the boat, would be overwhelming. History supports that view. Anyone suggesting foment of positive change is easy, is a fool. But it is also true to say that those who rule, do so by the consent of the rest of us. Even the most despicable despot is only one man. He must create a societal structure, with enough vested interest to persuade others to maintain him in position. So remember: we ALWAYS have a huge numerical advantage.
There’s a shop, less than a mile from my home, where I can buy a banana for a few pence. All well and good, you might think. But dig a little deeper. We don’t grow bananas here in Lincolnshire. That banana has travelled thousands of miles to my local shop. Does the few pence I can buy it for, represent its true cost? What is the cost of replacing the fuels burnt to transport it to me, or the cost of removing the CO2 produced from the atmosphere? Is the person who grew and picked it earning the same wage as I am? Does he/she live in safety, properly educated, fed, watered and sheltered? I think not.
Can I live without bananas? Of course I can. I like a banana as much as the next man, but bananas are not high on my agenda. Could I cope with locally grown fruit instead? Yes, I could.
I hear that the steelworks in Port Talbot will have to close, because we can buy our steel cheaper from China. Transpose the arguments above, about bananas, to steel, and then add the logic of paying a skilled Welsh steelworker to sit on his hands. What is “cheaper” supposed to mean? I suspect in means “lining the pockets of the sixty-two people on the bus”.
Well, it’s easy to criticise. Any fool can pick holes in the system. What would you do instead, I hear you say. We need to systematically dismantle globalisation. We need self-sufficiency of ownership and production at local, regional and national levels. The things you need will be made or grown by local people. You may own the means of production, but only if you live in the vicinity. You may not own a power plant, butcher’s shop, farm, house, factory, brewery or bakery in more than one city.
This is utter madness: chaos will ensue, folk will starve, Britain will be reduced to some weird parallel of the Wild West. Correct: if you try to accomplish self-sufficiency overnight, all these will happen. So we need a well-organised, phased introduction.
Create a tax calculated on the capital owner’s distance from the site of production. Slowly ramp up the rate (whilst correspondingly ramping down other taxes) until distant and/or multi-site ownership becomes uneconomic. Current owners will sell their shares to local people: no-one else will be interested in owning them. Overwhelmingly, businesses will be owned by their own work-forces and stake-holders.
Create a further tax calculated on the distance any goods have travelled to point of use. You want to buy Chinese steel: you are free to do so, but it won’t be cheap. Probably best to eat apples instead of bananas too. Anything we really can’t make or grow locally will be expensive but there will be an economic incentive to keep these to a minimum and do it as close to home as possible.
It won’t be perfect. It will cause much upheaval and disruption. There will be casualties. There will be a huge migration of labour from transport into primary production, for instance. But we will have a cleaner planet, a fairer distribution of wealth, less exploitation, and fewer reasons to go to war.
I’ve been called a traitor. I have yet to understand who I am supposed to have betrayed. I like to ask: who owns British Steel, Rover, GEC, CEGB, Jaguar, Royal Mail, Cadbury’s, Ruston’s, Rolls Royce, BP, BT, NCB, Norton, &c? Who’s the traitor?
And whilst we’re on the subject of treachery, who sends British sons and daughters to kill and be killed in the Middle East and elsewhere? Protecting “British Interests” we’re told. Is that another euphemism for the bus load of fat cats, I wonder?
My dream is that successful self-sufficiency in the U.K. will spread around the globe; the world will have lost the reason to fight and a major incentive to greed. A new world order is achievable and desirable.

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Think Hard Before You Vote

A rioter walks through a burning barricade in Liverpool

Attributing the refugee crisis to Assad, or claiming the majority of civilians who’ve been killed have been killed by his military, comes to us straight from the regime change playbook. We heard the same propaganda in the run up to the war in Iraq in 2003 and also in the run-up to NATO’s intervention in Libya in 2011. Both countries are now failed states as a direct consequence of our military intervention.

Making the same catastrophic mistake again would be a crime that history will not forgive.

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